We’ve created a regional seed hub, because local food needs local seeds! We curate a collection of garden seeds that do well in our north Florida climate, and are geared towards home, school, and community gardens. 

Need Seeds?

All Working Food Center members get the benefit of our Seed CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Just like a farm CSA, your membership dollars help support our program, and get you access to all the seeds we have to offer. We carry a variety of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Seeds are dispersed based on our seasons; February for spring & summer; September for fall & winter. Check our events page and Facebook for events, or come by the Working Food Center any Tuesday or Thursday, 9am-2pm. Email Melissa with any questions! melissa@workingfood.org

Not a Member Yet?

You can join the Working Food Center (and get lots of great perks, including our seeds!) or simply join our seasonal Seed CSA. For a minimum suggested donation of $20 per season, or $40 per garden annually, you gain access to our seed collection. You can feel great that your dollars support so much more than just seeds! Can’t afford our memberships? No problem, gardening is for everyone. Email or call us, and we will work with you.

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Become a Seed Saver

If you are interested in learning more about seed saving, visit our Resources page, and be sure you are on our email list! Also, check out our calendar to see when we offer classes. If you are curious about helping us with trials and seed grow outs, email Melissa at melissa@workingfood.org.

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Our Partners

We partner with many organizations, individuals, and institutions to make our Seed Collective possible. Here are some of the great folks we work with:

More On the SHSC

Now in our 8th year, we have grown far beyond simply providing garden seeds to our community. Over the years, we have built relationships with national organizations and local leaders, helping us learn to grow our own seed, organization, and community.

We save the very best seed from our fields, adapting it over time for our region. We spread our knowledge and passion through workshops, talks, and events, so that local growers can do that same.

We share the love and excitement of growing and eating from their own gardens, with youth, through partnerships with other community organizations.

Local school gardens grow our seeds, reinforcing what’s learned in the classroom through the living laboratory of the garden. Some even grow for the school cafeteria!

We support local seed libraries and other initiatives to increase seed stewardship awareness.

We are building a community-based regional and biodiverse seed bank!